Meet Maria Paz

Meet the Remaining Ones: Maria Paz

Name: Maria Paz Age: 30 Birthday: September 1 Appearance: Short, messy and curly black hair, round face and black eyes. Slim, but curvy. Scrubs and crocs are like a second skin to Maria. When she’s out of the hospital, she’s usually too exhausted to bother with anything but a nice pair of fluffy slippers and comfy pajamas. Personality: Kind, practical, determined Read more about Meet the Remaining Ones: Maria Paz[…]

Meet the Remaining Ones: Lily Hunter

Name: Lily Hunter Age: 21 Birthday: July 26 Appearance: Tall, fit and athletic, Lily exercises daily and enjoys it. She keeps her sleek black hair in a ponytail and that’s about it. She cares very little about clothing, it just has to be practical and cheap. Personality: Stubborn, intense and loyal, Lily is a complicated woman. She struggles with her own Read more about Meet the Remaining Ones: Lily Hunter[…]

Danny Terrence Profile

Meet the Remaining Ones: Danny Terrence

To celebrate Those Who Remain being published and selling its first copies (thanks for those who bought it, if you are out there!), I’m doing a series of posts profiling each of the five main characters of the trilogy. The goal is present a few more details about them and some trivia. The first one Read more about Meet the Remaining Ones: Danny Terrence[…]

Those Who Remain - Book 1 - A Zombie Novel

Those Who Remain: Book One is out!

Now anyone can now buy the first book of my zombie trilogy! Feels a little unbelievable, but I did it. The book is out there on Amazon and anyone in the world can buy it and read it. That’s actually very frightening, more than any zombie. Still, there’s a lot to be done (like the dreaded Read more about Those Who Remain: Book One is out![…]

Weird searches in the name of writing

Sometimes I think writers must have the weirdest search history ever. Researching is a big part of writing to me for a number of reasons. The first one being that I decided (foolish perhaps?) to set my zombie novel in the United States. I live in Brazil, and while I have visited the country many Read more about Weird searches in the name of writing[…]

The Best Zombie Soundtrack

To write my zombie novel, I search for inspiration everywhere, and one of the places I find it is in music. Between moody dark to crazy cheery, I love writing while listening to songs that evoke the perfect zombie mood. Zombies stories not only can be scary, gory, messy and outright violent, but there’s room Read more about The Best Zombie Soundtrack[…]