Meet the Remaining Ones: Maria Paz

Meet the Remaining Ones: Maria Paz

Maria Paz  - Those Who Remain

NameMaria Paz

Age: 30

Birthday: September 1

Appearance: Short, messy and curly black hair, round face and black eyes. Slim, but curvy. Scrubs and crocs are like a second skin to Maria. When she’s out of the hospital, she’s usually too exhausted to bother with anything but a nice pair of fluffy slippers and comfy pajamas.

Personality: Kind, practical, determined and a workaholic, Maria’s life is her profession. Despite her nasty case of savior-complex mixed with past guilty, Maria’s dedication to her patients and hope for a better future pushes her forward despite any adversity. Including zombies. She’s not one to quickly give up on working for the greater good and fall to more selfish tactics of other survivors. She can be cold when circumstances demand a more practical attitude, but it weights heavy on her shoulders.

Background: Daughter of two dentists, Maria grew up in a stable, loving household. But when tragedy took her parents away in a car accident, Maria had little choice but to grow up quickly to take care of her younger sister, Theresa. Now living with an absent uncle who took their parent’s money and left them with nothing, she took part-time jobs while finishing high school. She worked hard to graduate and earn money to support both her and her sister.

Money that Theresa would spend on parties, clothes and alcohol. Frustrated with her sister lack of focus and irresponsible behavior, they started fighting almost every day. Seeing her sister self-destruct with drugs and alcohol, Maria made the decision to distance herself before she could be dragged down along with her. Leaving her sister behind, she went to medical school and started working at St. Jude’s Hospital. They haven’t talked in years.

In the hospital, Maria only concern was to work as hard as she could. Few friends and even fewer boyfriends, her life was treating others, with little time to leisure. Perhaps this was all to make up for abandoning her family behind, perhaps it was a desperate need to fix and control death, either way, this was her life now.

Hobbies: When she’s not working, Maria is thinking about work. She likes to read scientific papers, look for new treatments and research on various subjects, she also attends conventions and seminars. But she does enjoy reading trashy romantic books, as well biographies and historical fiction.

Bonus round: The Paz sisters were very close during childhood. They would share everything, from toys to secrets. Everything but candy. Eating candy was a rare occasion and they would always end up fighting over it. To this day, Maria can’t resist a chocolate bar.

Alignment: Lawful Good.

Name meaning: Well, Maria is a common Latin American name. Paz means in “peace” in Spanish as well in Portuguese, which I think fits Maria’s desire to work towards an almost utopian future, despite zombies pounding on the door.

Trivia: There’s no mention of Maria’s gender in her first chapter, and that’s intentional. The idea was to present the character as a doctor, first and foremost. Maria’s identity is so linked to her profession, that she, herself, can’t see where the doctor ends and Maria Paz starts sometimes.


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